Chris Demm of WKRR's "Two Guys Named Chris Show" Digs GMCF!

WKRR (Rock 92) mainstay and good friend Chris Demm has graciously provided us with comments and review of each track from our 2014 release "Songs From The Lake".  Chris has been an on air talent at Rock 92 for years, initially as a  DJ and now part of the very successful and syndicated morning show "Two Guys Named Chris".  Chris also hosts "That Demm Music Show" on Sunday mornings playing mostly deep tracks from his personal music collection and each show is themed.  Chris's knowledge of Rock and Roll is unrivaled.  Rock 92's R&R guru puts his knowledge to the test daily in "Put Up Or Shut Up" where he matches wits against callers answering various music trivia questions.  I could not find the statistics on their website but if memory serves, Chris wins this competition roughly 98% of the time.  Dude knows his stuff!!  Thanks to Chris for taking the time to provide this feedback.  Here are his comments:

First of all, congratulations on the entire CD.  You can all be 
proud of what you've accomplished.  Overall, too, I like the sound 
of a more 'seasoned' group of men.  Time just keeps on passing, and that's reflected in the music. 

I like the groove on Walking.
I like the guitar on Anyhow... 
I like the vocal on Coming Home.. 
Keyboards on Something Beautiful are great! 
Sunshine..probably my favorite track...(or a close 2nd) Reminded me of how much I love
the band Jellyfish.
Ghost Town sounds like a very age-appropriate tune. 
She's So Cruel...excellent groove...must have sounded great while 
you were recording.
Walk With You reminded me slightly of an Irish folk tune..must have to do with the instrumentation.. 
Calling Back....nice rocker...good played loud. 
Anabel...another great vocal.. 
Where Is The Sun....2nd favorite the guitar 
intro....overall feel is excellent, too

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