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Grandmother Cornflake (GMCF) is a songwriting and recording team consisting of Tony Brackett (bass guitar, guitar, mandolin, vocals), David Prago (vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica) and Fred Smith (guitar, keyboards, vocals) from Greensboro, North Carolina. 


Chris Demm of WKRR's "Two Guys Named Chris Show" Digs GMCF! 

WKRR (Rock 92) mainstay and good friend Chris Demm has graciously provided us with comments and review of each track from our 2014 release "Songs From The Lake".  Chris has been an on air talent at Rock 92 for years, initially as a  DJ and now part of the very successful and syndicated morning show "Two Guys Named Chris".  Chris also hosts "That Demm Music Show" on Sunday mornings playing mostly deep tracks from his personal music collection and each show is themed.  Chris's knowledge of Rock and Roll is unrivaled.  Rock 92's R&R guru puts his knowledge to the test daily in "Put Up Or Shut Up" where he matches wits against callers answering various music trivia questions.  I could not find the statistics on their website but if memory serves, Chris wins this competition roughly 98% of the time.  Dude knows his stuff!!  Thanks to Chris for taking the time to provide this feedback.  Here are his comments:

First of all, congratulations on the entire CD.  You can all be 
proud of what you've accomplished.  Overall, too, I like the sound 
of a more 'seasoned' group of men.  Time just keeps on passing, and that's reflected in the music. 

I like the groove on Walking.
I like the guitar on Anyhow... 
I like the vocal on Coming Home.. 
Keyboards on Something Beautiful are great! 
Sunshine..probably my favorite track...(or a close 2nd) Reminded me of how much I love
the band Jellyfish.
Ghost Town sounds like a very age-appropriate tune. 
She's So Cruel...excellent groove...must have sounded great while 
you were recording.
Walk With You reminded me slightly of an Irish folk tune..must have to do with the instrumentation.. 
Calling Back....nice rocker...good played loud. 
Anabel...another great vocal.. 
Where Is The Sun....2nd favorite the guitar 
intro....overall feel is excellent, too

Grandmother Cornflake Hits Radio Stations in Australia 

Thanks to Ross Tonkin at Concerthouse Music (Canada) and Blue Pie Records in Australia our song "I Need You " was released just before Christmas in Australia. We now have 60+ Stations that are playing "I Need You". Below is a list of stations, if you have a chance please try to catch us one these great stations.

Radio Stations in Australia Playing “I Need You” by Grandmother Cornflake 
Peter Tolich at Southern FM 88.3 (3SCB) 
Peter Stevens at (SMA) Satellite Music Australia 
Leanne Stamps at K-Rock 95.5 (3CAT) 
Laurel Canyon at Twelve Thirty Club 
Michael Crozier at Mike Crozier’s Australian Country 
Graeme Watson at Out in Perth 
Robbyn Jansan at Valley FM (4BVR) 
Tania Dawn Court at Tune FM 
Ann Brown at Opal FM 
Daniel Bozykowski at KIIS 106.5 FM (2WFM) 
Bill Housego at City Park Radio 103.7 FM (7LTN) 
Beth Brown at Yass FM 100.3 
Ben Hessionn at Vox FM (2VOX) 
Michael Runcorn at 2MCR FM 100.3 
Bruce Edward Lamb at Tyga FM 
Sam Allen at Stellar Inflight 
Dan Rennie at 98.9 FM (4AAA) 
John Elias at 2REM 107.3 
Mike Parkes at River City FM 
Robert Lee at Wangki Yupurnanupurru Radio (6FX) 
Andy Huxton at I98 FM (2WIN)~C913 (2MAC) 
Andrew Reynolds at 2NSB 99.3 FM 
Annie Fryatt at Twenty 5 Eight 
Raymond Phillips at KRR 94.5 FM 
Trevor Smith   Aloha Media 
Marc Littlewood at 5YYY 107.7 FM 
Simon Milburn at The Metal Forge 
David Hawksworth at Bay & Basin FM 
Tahnee Skinner at Seven Network Australia 
Ashley Jones  at Phoenix Radio 
Annie Wybenga at Voice FM 99.9 (3BBB) 
Peter Weeks at 3UGE UGFM Radio Murrindindi 
Ian Newcombe at 2NVR Nambucca Valley Radio 105.9 FM 
Jim McCormack at Today’s Country 94.1 FM (2CCM) 
Roger Love at Apple FM 98.5 (3APL) 
Anthony Barnes at 3RIM 979 FM 
Janet Finnis-Hare at 5GTR FM 
Mathew Eggleston at 2Day FM 104.1 (2DAY) 
Bruce Davenport at 8HA 900 AM 
Nathan Butler at 5GTR FM 
Dave Holleran at Breeze FM (4BRZ) 
Terry Love at 2SEA 104.7 FM 
Tim Aquilina at  Sea FM 91.9 (4SEE)~Mix FM 92.7 (4SSS) 
Benton Silla at Mosiac Media 
Barbara Morison at 2SER 107.3 FM 
Julie Matheson at Icarna Radio 
Courtney Dabb at Something You Said 
Scott Mitchell at 99.7 FM (4RED) 
Leigh Desmond Carroll at Heritage FM 107.3 (6HFM) 
Tubby Dyer at Today’s Country 94.1 FM (2CCM) 
Paul Covington at 2HC 639 AM~100.5 FM 
Alan Pearsall at 3AW 693 AM~Magic 1278 AM 
Samantha Lee at Umeewarra Radio Station 89.1 FM 
Pam Mayne at Spirit FM 91.1 (2NAR) 
Robbie Cirvydas at Huon FM (7RGY) 
Rosalie Powers at 1422 AM Radio Great Southern


"I Need You" Released in Australia 

Hi Everyone!  We are pleased to announce that our song "I Need You" from the disc "Songs From The Lake" has been released in Australia by our label, Concert House music through Blue Pie Records.  You can check us out under New Releases on Blue Pie Records homepage. 

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